Our first cohort is made up of 10 companies across manufacturing, ICT and Agriculture.

The startups went through our incubation programme, to refine their businesses and prepare for growth and they all received grants.

The program curriculum included trainings (bootcamps in Lagos, Oyo and Ondo), Incubation, mentorship and equity free funding



Laundry is a basic need of all but research shows that most people don't like doing it themselves and

Would rather have someone else do it or pay if they could afford to. For majority of Nigerians, existing laundry service providers are not affordable, scarce and hard to access.

Bubbue is introducing the Sharing Economy model to the world of laundry whereby people can outsource their laundries and also create laundry service profiles to help each other cater for their laundry needs while also helping to increase the visibility of existing laundries. Achieving these through our well-designed mobile application optimized these and lots more. The result of this being increased accessibility and affordability to laundry services while also Empowering people.



SmartTeller is bridging the gap between the banked and the underbanked by providing cooperatives a technology to digitize their operations and to serve their customers better.

SmartTeller offers their solution for cooperatives to provide quality banking service to the masses in Nigeria and beyond, eradicating their inefficient paper based operations. SmartTeller now provides a mobile application that enables you to pay anyone through their cooperative. SmartTeller provides its technology for financial cooperatives like thrift collector, groups, cooperatives, Microfinance etc.

Hence, making lives easier for many people from the market woman to the cooperate person who need to make or know that their daily or targeted contributions with their cooperative through an online banking platform at www.smartteller.net.



LifePro is a social enterprise that is upscaling the potentials of cheap sources of vital organic nutrients (like locust beans) to all Africans through technology and empowerment.

Through their flagship product Hiru, LifePro is demystifying the thought that nutritious food has to be expensive.

Hiru is redeveloped to overcome locust beans inherent limitations of bad smell, short shelf life and unhygienic local production through dehydration technology, hygienic production process and innovative packaging.



Viamove connects businesses to resources that helps them deliver goods in the most effective manner. Such resources include; the people, tools and processes in the logistic value chain.

This enable businesses have access to the right people to facilitate delivery and see statuses of their packages as they move to the final destination. Viamove makes it easy for businesses to operate locally and internationally. Our goal is to connect the whole of Africa.



One of the biggest problems causing extreme poverty among farmers which has resulted to hunger in Nigeria is high post-harvest loss estimated to be over 40% by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a major contributor to this problem an existent cumbersome and inefficient farm produce supply chain that makes it difficult for farmers to quickly access, sell and transport their harvested crops to top buyers in urban areas.

Agro Connect as a solution to this problem is a digital market place for farm produce that uses internet and mobile technology to linkup farmers, truck owners and produce buyers to one another and this helps to simplify the farm produce supply chain in Nigeria and reduce the post-harvest loss that farmers suffer.

Agroconnect create value by helping farmers increase the sales of harvested farm produce and offer them support on logistics through listed trucks on our platform, we offer produce buyers a simplified way of procuring farm products with the touch of a button and fast delivery.



AGRIMAX produces Maggot feed for fish, pig and poultry farmers by recycling Animal and Organic waste into Maggot. We aim to help farmers gain profits by reducing their expenses on Buying conventional feeds whose nutrients are less compared to Maggot feeds.

Thereby Introducing the Farmers to Maggot feeds as viable options for farm, while also ensuring Environmental degradation is reduced drastically
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