Our first cohort is made up of 10 companies across manufacturing, ICT and Agriculture.

The startups went through our incubation programme, to refine their businesses and prepare for growth and they all received grants.

The program curriculum included trainings (bootcamps in Lagos, Oyo and Ondo), Incubation, mentorship and equity free funding


Momma’s bay

Momma’s bay is a platform that provide healthy kits for pregnant women & mothers with 0-3 years’ babies to buy at affordable prices and fast delivery.

Momma’s bay also offers free consultancy services (learning, advice and parenting tips).



It is estimated that at least 200 million children are born with a disability or become disable before the age of 19 with over 70% in developing countries*. Without access to adaptation assistive tools, 90% of the children in the developing world like Nigeria may never have access to education, employment, marriage or even live a self-supportive lifestyle.

Techbionics venture founded by Jacob Thank God is an organization focused on creating affordable, customizable and stylish prosthetic and rehabilitation devices for amputees in Africa through the use of 3D printing technology. He is currently working on creating a muscle controlled prosthetic to maximum amputee’s functionality. He has gotten some successes in his venture and is looking forward to changing the prosthetic and orthopaedic industry in Africa. He has helped 5 amputees with low-cost prosthetics and is currently producing more prosthetics to restore amputee’s hopes and dreams knowing there are no limits to their potential.

We pride ourselves with quality products and constantly amaze our customers so they can enjoy a smart life of convenience while they save money.



Viamove connects businesses to resources that helps them deliver goods in the most effective manner. Such resources include; the people, tools and processes in the logistic value chain.

This enable businesses have access to the right people to facilitate delivery and see statuses of their packages as they move to the final destination. Viamove makes it easy for businesses to operate locally and internationally. Our goal is to connect the whole of Africa.
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